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Metals Reprocessing

May 25, 2010 Comments Off by admin

Metals can be either crushed, baled or chopped. Materials contaminated with steel can be hand sorted on our magneting belt ensuring every last piece of steel is removed. We are able to handle aluminium up to 60 feet in length and up to 2 inches thick for shearing, and baling. After processing material can be [...]

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Recycling- zero to landfill? Of course you can!

May 20, 2010 No Comments by admin

Recyling is a great way to not only protect the environment and the world that we live in, but to reduce your companies waste costs by diverting various waste streams from landfill and recycling them- Customers are still suprised as to what can actually be recycled. Not only that but Alwin pays excellent market prices [...]

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