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With a combined experience of over 85 years in the aluminium recycling industry the Directors of Alwin Ltd are able to offer their customers an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise in the best recycling routes for their materials. 


All materials entering the facility are initially identified by sight and then analysed with spectrometers to ascertain the best route for that material in the recycling process 

Vehicles can be unloaded/ loaded quickly and efficiently either by grab/crane or forklift truck. 

Aluminium in all its guises can be sorted, segregated and recycled either by shredding, bailing or cropping. 

Shown on the right are some of the products we handle, Aluminium skimmings, Aluminium plate scrap, Aluminium extrusions, Shredded Aluminium , Aluminium Turnings

The video above shows our Hammel V750 mobile shredder dealing with aluminium from the motor industry.

The Hammel can handle upto 50 tonnes per day of this material shredding panels from 3mx3m down to fist sized lumps of metal ready for melting.

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