Alwin uses a variety of containers to meet our customers’ requirements for various materials.

Roll on/Roll off

These are ideally suited to customers who have larger volumes of streams to move.

These containers have a range of options we can offer you, dependant on requirements.

Sizes Available: 25 cubic yard, 30 cubic yard and 35 cubic yard.


These skips offer customers more flexibility on smaller sites and for medium volumes.

Various sizes ranging from 8 cubic yard right up to our 16 cubic yard skip which is also high sided.

Fork Liftable Bins

A good range of various sizes are available in our forkliftable bins. These are ideal for placing under cutting machines, inside buildings where space or security are an issue.

These bins can be stacked as they are all fitted with feet or stanton’s .

Fork Pockets are also fitted onto the bins to enable safe movement by forklift.

Some of our bins are available with lids and can be lockable, for security of precious/valuable metals.

Please note: Alwin also has a number of stand trailers available that can be left on site for ease of loading baled material in high volumes.