Metals Recycling

Metals can be either crushed, baled, chopped or shredded . Materials contaminated with steel can be hand sorted on our magneting belt ensuring every last piece of steel is removed. We are able to handle aluminium up to 60 feet in length and up to 2 inches thick for shearing, and baling. After processing material can be packaged in a number of different ways. i.e. palletised, bagged, bundled or loose in bulk skips.

Quality is an integral part of Alwins culture and starts when materials enter the yard. The fully equipped laboratory examines all metals that come into the works to ascertain the best, most efficient use of each parcel and to ensure the highest values are returned to customers for each load received. Individual analysis of batches also ensures all materials can be sold and delivered to customers exacting standards of specification. All loads, incoming and outgoing are weighed on the D.O.T approved and certified weighbridge.

Materials of all shapes, sizes and types can be unloaded and stored, securely and safely in the 20,000 square foot warehouse. 24 hour CCTV and mobile      security guards all help customers “rest assured” that their materials are being handled in the most professional manner. State of the art counter balance  forklift trucks are used for unloading and loading of materials. All materials can be stock weighed and full stock lists kept on site and computer and emailed to  customers so that tight controls can be adhered to.

Materials are loaded on to vehicles inside the warehouse and are therefore protected from outside elements which could cause damage. All loads are securely    sheeted and strapped before leaving the depot and are transported to their destination quickly and safely.

In addition to new materials we also offer a storage and distribution service for scrap and raw materials. We also offer a full processing service for metals in  the way of shearing, bailing, sorting and crushing. All metals can be analysed and sorted/segregated according to customer requirements with our range of  analytical products. All stored materials are labelled for stock and identification purposes and fully traceable through computerised stock inventory records.