Alwin Ltd Privacy Policy

Alwin Ltd takes all possible precautions to protect the privacy of Alwin Ltd users. Please read through the following Privacy Policy regarding use and disclosure of personal data applicable to Alwin Ltd and System website. Use of Alwin Ltd and System website constitutes an express agreement of the User with terms of this Privacy Policy.

Collection of Personal Information

Some of the services offered by Alwin Ltd and System website require User identification in order to provide a safe environment for electronic commerce within the Alwin Ltd network. User identification may require personal data, including first and last name of the User, name of organization, home or work address, telephone number, and an e-mail address. Information regarding the User may also be collected at System website, including IP address, access times, pages viewed, and reference websites from which the User accessed System website.

Use of Personal Information

Personal data gathered within Alwin Ltd and System website is used to provide information to the User.

Personal data may also be used for:

- improvement of quality, ease of use, and security of services provided at Alwin Ltd and System website;

- offering of technical, informational, and legal support at Alwin Ltd and System website;

- notifications regarding updates and changes at Alwin Ltd and System website;

- aiding of law enforcement and other judicial or regulatory government agencies.

Personal data gathered within Alwin Ltd and System website will not be disclosed to third parties without permission of the User, except for instances provided by this Privacy Policy.

Personal data may be stored on in any country where Alwin Ltd maintains the necessary equipment for data storage.

Safekeeping of Personal Information

Alwin Ltd takes all the necessary precautions to ensure the safekeeping of personal data of Users of Alwin Ltd and System website. Alwin Ltd employs a variety of security technologies and software tools to prevent unauthorised access, use, and disclosure of personal data to third parties.

Cookie Files

System website uses cookie files to support Alwin Ltd services and maintenance of User preferences. Cookie files are small text files that are saved in User’s computer in order to recognise the User during his or her later visits to the website. Cookie files are a convenience that saves time when presenting information to the User. Most browsers are automatically set to accept cookies, but Users may decline cookie files by adjusting their Internet browser settings. Where the User declines acceptance of cookie files, access to services and functions of Alwin Ltd and System website may be limited.

In addition, external services (such as Google, where we display a Google map on our directions page) may use cookies in just the same manner as if you were to visit the third party site directly. If this kind of thing bothers you, then we recommend that you install cookie management software or indeed, simply set your browser to block all cookies (which would seriously degrade your user experience).

Amendments to this Privacy Policy

The terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy may be amended. Alwin Ltd shall notify the User concerning the amendments 10 (ten) calendar days in advance of their entry into force by posting an amended version of this Privacy Policy at System website. Continued use of Alwin Ltd and System website shall constitute an express agreement of the User with terms of the amended Privacy Policy.


If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, we welcome you to contact Alwin Ltd by using our contacts page.